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The names of the Feminist Statement on FGM authors can be seen here.

Many thanks indeed for your support and engagement; we look forward to hearing from you!

You can see previous signatories and commentary here and here, and some current responses directly below.

98 thoughts on “Add your support here….

  1. We should get involved,support the women/girls suffering a horrible crime against them. That what mutilation is.

  2. Would you like to have been subjected to this? I know I would not, and would not have wanted my two grand-daughters to be thus mutilated.

  3. It is hard to imagine how these girls must feel when they are forced to endure this barbaric procedure.

  4. This is something that deserves worldwide attention. This is a disgrace in the 21st century.

  5. Sherry Donatico

    This is a cause ALL women should be concerned about no matter where they live.

  6. A loadable Project, but………….

    I agree totally that NOW is the time for ACTION to abolish the practice. However, I am concerned on item # 5 of the statement which insists that the practice must be addressed as “FGM” and not any other name according to “African women leaders themselves”- “the brave women”? What about the opinion of the grassroots/rural women? Those that are not brave”? who are the ones that support and perpetrate the practice? According to my own emerging PhD research, rural women (who were the focus of the study) when used the term “FGM” threatened not to involve in the study or answer my questions until I change the name to “Female Circumcision”.

    Others did not understand what I actually meant by the word “Female Genital Mutilation” which I initially used. While ALL hands must be on deck towards this laudable feminist project as a mark of respect for womanhood, effort should also be made to respect the opinions of the grassroots women who may not be educated like the “brave women” Africa leaders, those women who are do not have much education if at all any and therefore lacks the platform to voice out their opinions on the nomenclature debate. After all, human rights begins with respect of the people’s freedom of choice and respect of the people’s opinion.

    In my own opinion in support of the feminists’ abolition statement, the main issue should be how to garner the support of the rural women, the real practitioners of the practice towards its abolition. Most of the “brave women” have since lost touch with their communities and can hardly be said to be speaking the opinion of the rural women whom the claim to represent. Class has built a bridge between the “brave and rural women”. A woman interviewee told me that the rural women have been marginalized by the “city” women when discussing issues regarding community development . She went on to tell me that the urban women have now made English language their medium of expression during such gatherings which prevent the uneducated women (most of them rural dwellers) from speaking their opinions.

    Thus, this novel feminist project should not be hindered by using names that the rural women (which include the the cutters themselves) will find difficult to understand or that will bring resistance for a change. It is my opinion that the names (FGC, FGM, FC etc) be used interchangeably according to preferences and cultural meanings attached to the practice by various communities. This is very important because female genital cutting, a term that I have adopted in my research remains a cultural practice and cultural meanings attached to the nomenclature should respected if our efforts towards its abolition will be realized.

    Olugu Ukpai is a PhD Law research Candidate at the Foxhill’s School of Law, University of Reading, UK and can be reached at


    Many thanks for this interesting commentary, Olugu.

    In fact, however, there is no dissent here from your view.

    You’ll see that we are calling for the naming of FGM as ‘Mutilation’ specifically in FORMAL contexts, those contexts where policy is being determined and / or when politicians are speaking about it in public, etc. This is at least as important in western countries as in, e.g., African ones.

    We (some of us, teachers) fully understand that in communities many different terms may be required to refer to FGM: For that reason also we have (above) a Lexicon of Terms to which you may wish to contribute.

    Best wishes for your research. Do keep in touch, and thanks again.

  7. Not only women around the world but men everywhere should express their concern and help bring this practice to an end.

  8. Mariama Krubally

    Standing up for our little girls and women who’s voices where stolen on the day innocence’s was lost.

  9. Certainly in support of Statement On FGM.Let us deploy our God-given Talents to end the gruesome act.

  10. One approach which has had some success is ‘turning’ the women who do the cutting has been to offer them a way to replace the lost income if they quit the role. Perhaps these women could be given proper medical training or a paid part in the Health system. It is they who at prseent have just about the highest stake in this wretched and dangerous practice continuing.

  11. This is a human rights issue which requires our support. It is child abuse, and must be stopped.

  12. FGM is a crime. Victims of this barbaric practice deserve our compassion, love and committment. Let’s fight together for the abolition of this physical and mental slavery imposed on countless of young girls and females around the world!

  13. Culture change is often difficult – but let’s try to end the suffering of women in this generation.

    Geraldine Wooley

  14. Female Genital Mutilation. These three words alone say more than enough. Would you like to hear them again? No. Yet some people live their lives in these words, suffering the injustice or fighting against it. We can all take a minute to sign our names. This movement asks for the most minimal support and does so much in return. Out of sight is not out of mind. Sign your name and take a stand.

  15. This mutilation of women and girls must end now – stop this appalling abuse and victimisationonce and for all.

  16. (Message sent, via Hilary, by) Dr Comfort Momoh, MBE:

    Everyone can play a role in safeguarding girls/young adult who are at risk of FGM- Safeguarding is everybody’s business. Share knowledge and mobilize the community.

  17. I’m doing Research for my writing class WRTG-391 any one out they like to share Info please do so.

  18. This is just plain MUTILATION!!!!!! It is absolutely inhuman. I am appalled and offended by how far it has already gotten.

  19. This is just one more way of preventing women from having positive sex and ensuring that they remain enslaved and subordinate.
    B. Dubois

  20. I support the end of FGM and the education that needs to be implemented so that this crime never happens again. Ever.

  21. All we can do is never enough to stop this horrendous practice. Of course I am signing in support of this statement

  22. As the Chair of Governors of a girls’ school in north London, I fully endorse this statement.

  23. The struggle Is far from over, but if we all do our part, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished! Let’s all work together to give a voice to the voiceless!!!

  24. In complete agreement that: “The basic human rights of children must always over-ride the ‘cultural’ sensitivities of adults.”

    Thank-you for your efforts to uphold the human dignity and health of girls world-wide through this campaign to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation.

    Vida Jaugelis
    Delta, BC

  25. Marika Podda Connor, Malta: Morals and behaviour may be learnt; FGM is a harmful and useless practice that puts a girl’s life in misery, pain together with physical and mental negative consequences

  26. As Executive Director of Associazione Iroko Onlus in Italy who has collaborated with other organisations to fight this terrible practise here in Europe, I agree completely with you that it is absolutely necessary to call this practise by its real name: Female Genital Mutilation.
    I personally and on behalf of my organisation, fully endorse your statement.

  27. FGM needs to stop. There is nothing more cruel than cutting a little girls genitals who cannot defend herself. It is not about tradition, culture or religion, it is about preserving life and being as healthy as possible – FGM is against human rights! The practice needs to stop and the only way forward is to do this via education-education-education!

  28. I am woman, friend, mother, daughter, sister and now grandmother. No man comes here without our bodies and souls. Best to honor that! Mother nature is not happy about what man has done to women. Please support this for womb-en kind everywhere! May the intention to put an END to this barbaric and ignorant practice go global and may women regain there rightful place of respect and honor within the hearts and minds of all.

  29. People Against Female Circumcision (P.A.F.C) is in full support of the fight against FGM.
    We are always looking at legislation around the world to uncover defects, particularly in Africa to help in the fights against FGM and bad Sharia laws, customs and traditions.

    Further, how FGM or refugee applicants can qualify for asylum as defined by legal threshold in the world. Also, we have noticed that some country in Africa enact law against FGM but failed to take legal action and remained passive on the issue.Therefore, a mere public opposition which does not amounts to legal action against the practitioners of this harmful beliefs is in-fact similar to having a toothless tiger as protection, it can’t bite. Thus, the fights continues unabated.

  30. Sex is communication between two individuals, not a perk of ownership of one person by another. I can’t imagine a world where a culture of removal of most of the penis, in order to curb male pleasure & ‘encourage’ fidelity, would have been tolerated. Ever.

  31. Another voice added to the shout against #FGM. We must keep getting louder until it stops. The intolerable must not be tolerated.

  32. Since 2003 I have been an active campaigner against FGM in Australia and abroad. The fact there is not a worldwide movement and funds secured to eradictae this practice is one of the worst atrocities on record. This will be the generation to stop it. And the activism does not stop here. From Waris Dirie to Dr. Catherine Hamlin, there are souls who have changed millions of lives. We do not have a minute to waste. Let’s start collating a solutions page. From ‘prosecuting the parents’ to other legal means, an ideal solution is not in place. I have traveled parts of remote Africa, Middle East, and Europe filming an independent documentary on FGM of which FORWARD UK participated. My filming work to raise more awareness and tangible actions to translate films into actual change is about to take place. Watch out world and the end of FGM is near. With 6000 girls a day and countless more dealing with the repercussions of this misogynisitic procedure, urgency cannot be emphasized enough..

  33. I want to support this cause because there is absolutely no reason at all why FGM should be performed on any girl or MGM on any boy.

    To maim, torture and mutilate your own child for no apparent need unless it is a medical necessity.

    Please do all you can to get this issue highlighted & lets try to rid the world of this.
    In the UK it is estimated 66,000 girls are subject to this barbarism & despite it being illegal in the UK, not one prosecution has happened. In France there have been at least 100 prosecutions.

    Star Etheridge; UKIP Disability Spokesman.

  34. (Message sent, via Hilary, by) The Rev. Dr. Ephigenia Gachiri IBVM

    FGM is a totally unnecessary and serves no purpose. FGM is not only traumatic but highly dangerous and often leads to life-long pain and suffering, or even death, for girls who are subjected to the procedure.

  35. Thanks Nicoline, It’s great to have your support, but perhaps the evidence for reduction of FGM in Senegal is not as good as we had all hoped. Sadly, a recent (July 2013) UNICEF report tells us that
    While FGM/C has been virtually abandoned by certain groups and countries, it remains entrenched in many others, even where there is legislation against it and efforts by governments and non-governmental organizations to convince communities to stop.
    FGM/C remains almost universal in Somalia, Guinea, Djibouti, and Egypt, with more than nine out of 10 women and girls aged 15-49 being cut. In countries such as Chad, Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Sudan, or Yemen, there has been no discernible decline.

  36. I mentioned the example of Senegal because it is giving hope that one day in other countries there can also be similar community-based projects & results, and because it shows the importance of the active participation of the local population as a conditon for success. When I lived in Africa I have actually seen FGM happening just around the corner, and I will never forget the cries of the little girls that I heard that day…

  37. After reading the article through the link that you posted I wonder which numbers they have used when they stated that the practice in Senegal has not declined. Because it certainly did… Looking at neghbouring country Gambia where the prevalence is still 80-90%, in Senegal it is now 20-30%. ( Which is still too much of course… But let’s not lose hope.

  38. It is so important to stop this practice and share the efforts of this committed group of activists who are working so hard to educate the world to the issues of FGM.

  39. This is a barbaric evil practice that destroys the lives of girls and women. Only misogynistic cultures would encourage such horrible atrocities to be done to an entire group of people just because they were born female.

  40. There is now, for the first time, due to the wonder of technology, a chance to put a stop to this utterly despicable torture, because now we know about it and can let other people know about it, and when enough of us know about it, we will stop it. We have to. Thank you for formulating this statement and doing the hard work.

  41. FGM is not a cultural issue it is a human rights issue. So long as we are denying young women and children a choice over how their bodies are treated and ignoring the abuse which is being levelled at them by members of their own families and communities we are supporting it. We are saying it is OK.

    It is not OK, it is abhorrent that it is not more widely recognised for the atrocity it is. I for one am willing to stand against it.

    Michelle Corrigan

  42. Let’s put an end to FGM immediately. FGM is not only the greatest cruelty to the children and women in specific countries and regions, but also to each of us. Because we can imagine how painful and traumatic their wounds are, and because we get hollified and stupefied as if we ourselves were also cut when listeing to the news about another girl who was cut today. I strongly support this Feminist Statement.

    Sachiko Mitsumori
    Hiroshima, Japan

  43. Any part of the body that is damaged will heal with a scar. That part will no longer be the original therefore I support the statement on FGM. What happens to the genitalia of the girl/child is A M U T I L A T I O N !

  44. It’s about 2 years ago when I attended a lecture given by Dr. Tobe Levin in China Women’s College that I truly started to pay attention to FGM. Then with Tobe introducing Alice Walker’s Possessing the Secret of Joy, I know more about FGM. Doubtlessly, FGM is an inhuman and dehumanized social practice in the man-world. It is against woman, against body, against nature. Undeniably, it should be eradicated along with other patriarchal products.

  45. I sincerely wish to see an end to FGM asap. FGM is an abusive practice and it has to be abolished. Outsiders who try to defend it as a cultural practice and try to downplay the horror that is female genital mutilation by insisting on calling it “cutting” need to show empathy with all the millions of girls and women who survived it and who are living with all the painful physical and psychological consequences of this violent act.

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