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Please note that all responses will be moderated. Whilst we recognise and are also opposed to male genital harm, this Statement concerns specifically gender-related harm to women and girls.  We will therefore publish only responses which are directly on-topic (but if your website or Twitter handle / Facebook page also reflects male-gendered concerns, it’s probably not a problem  🙂 ).

101 thoughts on “SUPPORT The Statement On FGM*

  1. I am an American feminist activist (since 1963), author, public speaker, and lawyer. I was a cofounder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the first woman attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

    I agree with this campaign except for the statement that blames it on patriarchy since many of the practitioners of FGM are women. Regardless of the causes for the practice of FGM, it is a horrific practice and needs to be ended.

  2. As a board member of Healthy Tomorrow, a Massachusetts-based organization that supports Sini Sanuman in Mali, I endorse this statement.

  3. Every thing in our powers should be done to stop FGM. Now! Today and not tomorrow!

  4. As a German University Teacher and Green Party Activist,acutely aware of FGM since the Sixties,and actively trying to raise support for its elimination to ensure female dignity and integrity, I strongly endorse this statement!

  5. I have been actively involved in artistic pursuits and campaigns against FGM. I strongly support this statement — Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko

  6. As The Executive Director of IAC Norway and the President of the Musu kangbeng Kaffo Norway, I whole heartedly endorse and support this statement.

  7. For safeguarding the dignity and integrity of women and girls,
    On behalf of La PALABRE, I support the statement

  8. As the section manager FGM at TERRE DES FEMMES I support this statement!

    TERRE DES FEMMES is an accredited non-profit-making, charitable organisation for women and girls. We provide support for women and girls affected by violence through actions, lobbying, personal advice, sponsoring of projects and international networking. Our main foci are on domestic violence, forced marriage, honour crimes, female genital mutilation and social rights for female workers.

  9. I whole heartedly support this statement.
    Kaye Beth, USA
    Art Director, 2009 – current , UnCUT VOICES Press;
    Publishing against Female Genital Mutilation,
    Associate Producer, 2013, What to Bring to America” anti-FGM feature film currently in production
    Graphic Designer of Feminist posters ,
    Including serigraph , I’m Female & I’m Proud” (1972) and the ” International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women”, Brussels, Belgium (1976, USA contingent)

  10. We stand with our sisters around the world to end this harmful and inhumane practice.

  11. As President of Pastoralist Child Foundation, Inc. I fully support and endorse this statement. Pastoralist Child Foundation is a registered CBO in Kenya and awaiting 501C3 charitable status in the USA. Our mission is to eradicate FGM in Samburu and Maasai Mara communities in Kenya.

    We look forward to working with all like-minded individuals and organizations to finally stamp out this brutal and unnecessary practice.

    Name: Sayydah Garrett (USA/Kenya)
    Title: President
    Organization: Pastoralist Child Foundation, Inc.


    twitter: @KenyaChildFund


    Peace & Blessings to everyone involved in this endeavour. We can do this!!

  12. Name: Abby Wolf
    Title: Executive Director, W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University

  13. It goes without saying that this initiative should be supported.

  14. This is a most important statement, mutilating human beings has nothing to do with any religion, only with ‘traditions’ which are both cruel and harmful and must be stopped at all costs through education, education, education for both women AND men!

  15. Your efforts are appreciated and vital for the health and well being of girls and young women. We have sponsored many side events at the Human Rights Council on FGM
    which is a harmful traditional practise. The WHO has passed a resolution on this at the WHA . Hopefully many others will join this campaign to create awareness and enhance educational efforts to STOP FGM!

  16. Unfair unjust cruelty by some human beings to other human beings is quite simply WRONG. The very harmful “traditional” practice of FGM is an outrageous abuse of “power” masked by the idea of “cultural norm”. FGM continues because of the need of some people for a “cultural identity” based on false beliefs of its benefits. Real grassroots global reawakening of consciousness can happen via this internet movement.

  17. I support this work, we need to do everything we can to eradicate the widespread subjugation of women and women’s power. This is a horrific practice that has evolved over the millennium. There is nothing spiritual or holy about mutilating other’s.

  18. I fully support this statement condemning the barbaric practise of female genital mutilation

  19. I strongly agree with this statement and want to see prosecutions in the UK (my country of origin) for complicity in this crime and I want to see more action taken by the people who are in a position to protect and educate the girls who are at risk of this barbaric practice. I think this issue should be included in sex education worldwide

  20. I support women’s worldwide campaign against gender-based discrimination and gender- crime wherever such abuses of power take place and whatever their manifestation and legitimation. Wherever women resist and challenge the practice of FGM, they must be able to count on our solidarity.

  21. As the project coordinator at TERRE DES FEMMES for the EU project CHANGE, which aims at the eradication of FGM within African communities in Europe, I support this statement!

  22. I support your statement and want to see stronger criminal action taken against practioners. I want to especially honour the courage of women who are trying to stand up against the pressure to conform, and are trying to defend their daughters’ health and future. I also want to remember all those victims who suffer in silence.

  23. lets help eradicate this barbaric “tradition”!
    Marcin Kluszczynski :: UK, London :: Snr eDiscovery Analyst

  24. WADI, the Association for Crisis Assistance and Development Co-operation, strongly supports this statement.
    WADI is operating in the Middle East and supporting the fight against FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  25. I have been raising awareness of FGM on Facebook for a number of years now. We need to spread the word as far and wide as is possible. FGM needs to be eradicated ASAP. Countless girls are still being butchered as we speak 😦

  26. This is a crucial and overdue step forward; I fully support and endorse this statement.

  27. I hope that we can end this practice. I can only imagine what these girls suffer. I do not understand why people continue these traditions when it quite obviously mutilates another person, male or female. In many cases they obviously know it is wrong as they try to hide it. I admire and respect all those women who have suffered this and are now taking a stand.

  28. I look up to you all for what you are doing. FGM is a serious issue that is continuing to oppress women and keep them as second class citizens in many countries. Hopefully this inexcusable pain and suffering can be diminished through these efforts.

  29. It is not cultural or religious – FGM is child abuse; it is not acceptable to do nothing about it, it must be stopped.

  30. A human rights issue that can’t be ignored anymore. Lives are at stake and we intend to do something about it. Thanks for all the hard work, effort, and support involved in getting the word out. Seeing this today is such a blessing, to so many, on so many levels.

  31. Female genital mutilation is abusive, unnecessary, Super painful and leaves VICTIM with health, sex, and birthing. Enough harm has been done.

  32. Please count me in to put an end to FGM. I actually prefer to call it Female Genital Amputation/Mutilation. This is the most barbaric practice I have ever heard of. Please let me know of any actions that can be taken. Thank you.

  33. We have to take the hands of our sisters and walk with them. We cannot allow eyes to shudder and close to this a second longer! I am a documentary videographer/producer/editor, if my skill set can help educate, please call on me! Bless you for creating the platform for us to unite and STOP this horrific practice.

  34. Barbaric. It’s not cultural Its child abuse. Why are we tolerating it. When its women and girls its tradition or culture. When its men it’s oppression. Time to take a stand and for this to STOP.

  35. No real man can condone a custom of female mutilation, Our mothers, our sisters and our wives must be allowed to live and enjoy the bodies God gave them.

  36. First and foremost, this is child abuse and female mutilation, defended as a cultural rites of passage. But – just as importantly – it is a patriarchal acknowledgement that if FGM is stopped, sexually aware females will have control of the only sex organ with which they are able to pleasure themselves, regardless of penetration. This is a scary prospect for a male culture dependant on penetration control for sexual gratification.

  37. As a feminist researcher I fully support your work and wish you every success in this enormous task.

  38. The work you are doing is SO important! Every girl has the right to live her girlhood free of mutilation, no matter how its practice is justified.

  39. This is a barbaric practice and women across the world should unite to put a stop to it.

  40. Genital mutilation is never acceptable and needs to be stamped put for the sake of all the women damaged by it

  41. I am appalled and sickened by this atrocity! The patriarchal system of control and domination is at fault here. As long as women are seen as pawns and accoutrements to the male worldview, there will always be instances of abuse. On the other hand, as women, we need to – get to – claim our collective power. We’re far more than our outer shell suggests, we’re spirits inside a body – that’s where our real power lies. Looking good is fun and great, but when it becomes a youth oriented obsession, we lose sight of the real purpose of being on this planet – service. MOTHER earth is begging for balance and more of us need to ‘step up’ and become equal partners in shaping our world. We can help these girls and women by speaking in one voice. Thanks for creating this platform. I am available to help. Please keep me updated.

  42. As the Executive director of the Global Alliance against FGM I fully support this statement and initiative. We need to develop accelerating strategies in order to end FGM as soon as possible. Misleading approaches – “cultural relativism”, comparison of FGM with surgical modification of the sexual organ (“designer vagina”) or using euphemisms to describe the practice – will not help.
    Men and women of all cultures need to join in and form a global movement. FGM is neither an African problem nor a women’s issue – it concerns us all, and its eradication is a key to achieve gender equality and the end of violence against women.
    Let’s stop FGM – together!

  43. FGM is the physical manifestation of a deeply misogynist philosophy and must be stopped immediately. Any “culture” engaging is this horrific practise is one not worthy of existence. Let us call this what it is, violent sexual assault against children and react by long prison sentences for the adults, and help for the innocent victims. END FGM NOW!

  44. Am I walking past children and women who have gone through this?,I am stunned,it must stop NOW!

  45. It’s time to end this dangerous practice. FGM is a human rights issue that needs to be addressed by all!

  46. I don’t understand who gives anyone the right to surgically alter a woman’s body. Why doesn’t someone do something about this like the UN?

  47. Stop the mutilation. We must all come together, sisters, mothers, aunts, and protect our children from such a barbaric practice. STOP the suffering and pain! END FMG!!

  48. Female Genital Mutilation is a violent, girl-and-woman-hating perversion that must end.

  49. As a healthcare practitioner I wholeheartedly believe this is a barbaric procedure with no valid reason beyond greed, power and perversity. Women and men around the world must unite and stand up against this practice of mutilation. Education is also integral.

  50. I fully support your efforts to eradicate the mutilation of woman and young girls through FGM. It is a terrible crime, must be stop.

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